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Disability Insurance

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Because of the complexity of quoting disability insurance, there is nothing available where you can generate the quotes yourself.

We will send you quotes and information on the most suitable plans for the coverage you want.

Many factors are considered by the insurance company before offering disability coverage.

Some of the Major Insurers Quoted:

Assurity Life Insurance Company

Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company

Illinois Mutual Life Insurance Company

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (MetLife®)

Pan American Life Insurance Company

Petersen International Underwriters

Principal Life Insurance Company

The Standard Insurance Company

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Union Central Life Insurance Company

Lloyds of London

Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company

Berkshire Life Insurance Company of America (Guardian)

The Ohio National Life Insurance Company

Provident Life and Accident Insurance Company

The Application Process

Generally, disability insurance provides an income if the insured can not work because of an unexpected sickness or injury. The insurance can be purchased by an individual or an organization for the benefit of affiliated individuals, e.g., an employer buying for the benefit of employees.

Prior to the age of 65, the disability rate is much higher than the death rate. The many pre-existing conditions that may lead to disability can be harder for the insurer to scrutinize than those that may cause premature death. The issuance of disability insurance therefore requires that an insurer must be careful to issue appropriate policies according to the risk so as to remain a financially strong provider of insurance.

When an individual buys disability insurance, the insurer must have underwriting procedures which protect the insurer from too many losses or the insurer may have to quit the business or even go out of business. If you are applying for this sort of insurance, you need an insurer that has the procedures to keep it financially strong, so it may be helpful to understand some of the issues so as to avoid frustration and disappointment.

You may not receive coverage that is the same in all respects as what you apply for. Depending on your situation, the coverage may have special exclusions, have a higher premium than originally quoted, a lesser period of benefit, be a different class of policy than applied for, or the insurer may refuse to issue coverage.

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When you apply, be sure to fill out the application carefully in full detail. No coverage will be issued until the underwriting department is satisfied that it has a clear picture of the insurance risk that is being undertaken. It will save time to answer as completely as possible from the beginning so as to avoid repeated follow-up questions which slow the process down.

Some occupations are not clearly defined by a name only. It may be necessary to list your daily activities and the average time devoted to each so the underwriter understands what you do. Don't put yourself in a worse light than you have to. The greater risk of disability that you appear to have will result in a higher premium being charged. Try to truthfully qualify for the highest occupational category (lowest premium) that you can.

The maximum insurance benefit that an applicant qualifies for is typically a percentage (50% to 75%) of current verifiable earnings or of the average in the past two years. What can be demonstrated by documentation is the figure used, e.g., from tax returns, pay stubs, or W-2. Net earnings after expenses are considered to be your occupational income. By contrast, if your "income" was repayment of a loan that you made to your own business, that's not likely to be considered income for disability insurance purposes.

Medical history and current medical condition needs to be made very clear. This is especially true for any diagnosable nervous or mental condition, back problem, or circulatory system disorder (glucose level, blood pressure, any cholesterol abnormality). If the underwriter gets the impression that you are trying to hide something, the result may be a significantly higher premium or a decline.

Recalling all the details may be difficult, but it is important to include all the physicians visited in whatever period the application calls for, with the addresses of each, and what the visit was about, and the outcome. The less digging for answers that the underwriter has to do, the faster the application process will be and the more likely will be a satisfactory result.

Insurers operate on a large scale. The insurance company you apply to may want a lot of business, but it does not need your particular application. So don't expect generosity, negotiation, or for any coverage to be issued until all requirements are fulfilled. If you are offered a policy, don't be surprised if it includes some modification of what was applied for.

No Lower Rates

Because the insurance companies alone set their own premium charges, there are no lower rates from those insurers than what you get with our help. For helping with the application process, we are paid a commission if coverage is issued for which an earned premium is paid. This does not cause any premium adjustment to you.

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